Strong is a word that is synonymous with inner strength, courage and determination. Strong is a word that is used to describe empowered women, both young and old. Strong is not a word that someone can tell you to be you have to grow that strength yourself and be authentic to yourself. 


Strong is the fith in my collection of original lino prints for 2021. 


Maybe you will buy it for yourself, maybe you will buy it for someone else but it is an empowering word that doesn't necessarily mean physical strength but determination to be true to yourself. 


Strong is 15cm by 20cm, printed onto A4 printmaking paper using Scarlett stay open ink. 

Each lino print is an original, handprinted by me in my North Yorkshire studio to order. 

Please allow 10 days between ordering and delivery.




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    Lino and Surface Pattern Design by Hannah Turlington