Nurture is something that we all need to be the best people that we can be. You don't have to be a mother to nurture, you can be a friend, a relative, a work colleague or a teacher. 

Or you can, and should 'Nurture' yourself. 


Nurture is the fourth in my collection of original lino prints for 2021. 


A mummy bird feeding her young to me is a symbol of nurture...I thought long and hard about the things that conjured the meaning of nurture. I thought about the ways we nurture our garden, our homes and children but I thought about the nurture that happens from a mummy bird to her young. Ultimately they are nurturing them so that they can fly away and become themselves...which is what nurture means to me. 


Nurture is 15cm by 20cm, printed onto A4 printmaking paper using opaque Paynes Grey. 

Each lino print is an original, handprinted by me in my North Yorkshire studio to order. 

Please allow 10 days between ordering and delivery.




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    Lino and Surface Pattern Design by Hannah Turlington