Faith is often a word that is associated with religious believe and having Faith is about having a belief in a deity. Sometimes our Faith is all that we have left to hold on to. Those who are not religious we still have Faith that things will be alright no matter how tricky things get. 


Faith is the sixth in my collection of original lino prints for 2021. 


Maybe you will buy it for yourself, maybe you will buy it for someone else but it is a reminder that if we hold onto what we believe to be our true self then all will be good...this is having Faith. 


Faith is 15cm by 20cm, printed onto A4 printmaking paper using Colbalt Blue stay open ink. 

Each lino print is an original, handprinted by me in my North Yorkshire studio to order. 

Please allow 10 days between ordering and delivery.




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    Lino and Surface Pattern Design by Hannah Turlington