December is the final month of ‘Connections’ my series of 12 original lino prints celebrating the power of connections in everyday life.

You can buy the whole calendar or you can select your favourite month and frame it.


'There are 16 million mass produced calendar’s sold every year. Hannah delivers us a contrast to that mass produced product that connects us with a traditional craft in a practical yet beautiful product. With 2020 being a year defined by isolation, we look forward to 2021 where we can start to celebrate and re-establish those connections.'


I tell stories with all of the work that I create and 'Connections: November' is no different.

December is all about bringing in the greenary for the festive season and lighting the candles to bring a warm glow to a room. A candle is a symbol of hope that the winter will soon be over and also a reminder to cherish the simple things by having gratitude for loved ones in ours lives. As I get older I move away from the bling of Christmas and gravitate towards the simplicity of candles, twinkling lights and greenary from outside. 


Each print and calendar section are handprinted by me in my North Yorkshire studio. They are printed onto A4 printmaking paper in indigo stay open ink. 


You might only one month but you might want to collect them all. 

December 2021

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    Lino and Surface Pattern Design by Hannah Turlington