About Me

Hannah Turlington
Printmaker and Designer

I am a story teller and I use my work to tell those stories.

Sometimes they belong to me; Sometimes they belong to others but usually they belong to all of us.

As a printmaker, I use the medium of lino and create limited edition prints that tell life's stories. I print primarily in indigo and they give meaning to the things that happen in life and the way that we feel during those times.

Every lino print starts in the same way. It begins with a composition; which is then illustrated. Transferring the image to linoleum printing block by tracing then allows the image to be carved out using specialist carving tools. The image is carved in reverse so that when printed it is the correct orientation. These are hand printed in editions of 5.

I enjoy creating bespoke original lino prints for those who like me to tell their story in my distinctive style.

Living and working in North Yorkshire provides me with an abundance of inspiration for my own collections, licensed designs and the bespoke commissions I create for clients.

Using what the seasons bring, I create collections that are truly rooted in nature in my own distinctive style. I work with UK companies to produce small home ware products, traditionally printed wallpaper and digitally printed fabric, which I use across lampshades, cushions and footstools. 


Working with clients and truly making connections with them I create designs that tell the story of their brand that are used in marketing materials, products and fabric designs.

By really getting to know clients and fostering connections I am create bespoke surface pattern designs for their homes, that can be used for soft furnishings, wallpaper and accessories

Nature and life inform my designs and  I ensure that they reflect classical and colour palates  are responsive to trends whilst remaining relevant for as long as they are loved.